After Sierra Leone and the UN Youth Forum in New York, the Kidscorrespondent and his team will travel to the Italian island of Lampedusa.  Last year 26-thousand children fleeing from Northern Africa arrived there, hoping to start a new and better life in Europe. For the first time these children will tell their story.

Hundreds of journalists and correspondents report stories about children every day, but hardly ever do the children talk themselves. The Kidscorrespondent is going to change this.

Global news is often about children. In Gaza, Syria, Nigeria or India, but they rarely tell their own stories. Journalistic priorities lie elsewhere, though viewers and listeners would like to hear them tell their stories themselves. Reporters and correspondents either don’t have the time or the opportunity to ask children questions. And interviewing children is an art in itself. The art of the Kidscorrespondent.

The Kidscorrespondent travels to areas where it is important to hear what the children have to say. Their narratives often provide a unique perspective on situations. Up till now, it is usually the social workers, politicians or experts that tell us about the children’s situation. Something children can do a lot better with a little patience and some effort.

Reports are delivered to different youth news programs in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The general news for adults can also acquire footage and stories. The Kidscorrespondent is independent and not (yet) linked to a network or program.

In addition to making reports, the Kidscorrespondent helps journalists, producers and organizations with interviewing children. By offering courses, lectures and presentations with a lot of examples taken from the field it becomes apparent that letting a child tell its story is not easy, but most certainly not impossible.