Interviewing children is an art. The art of Kidscorrespondent.

As per 1 January 2015, the world’s first Kidscorrespondent will start making reports.



After Sierra Leone and the UN Youth Forum in New York, the Kidscorrespondent and his team will travel to the Italian island of Lampedusa. Last year 26-thousand children fleeing from Northern Africa arrived there, hoping to start a new and better life in Europe. For the first time these children will tell their story.



Letting children tell their story. That is what reporter Tako Rietveld did for over ten years for the NOS Youth News. Mostly in the Netherlands, but also in China, South Africa and Brazil. He discovered that children all over the world enjoy talking to him. A special expertise that he is now going to employ as a freelance Kidscorrespondent.


About the Kidscorrespondent

Ask any reporter, correspondent or TV host about their experiences with interviewing children and the unanimous answer will be: ‘It’s a disaster!’ How are you? ‘Okay’. How do you like it here? ‘Fine’. By asking the right questions, having a little patience and especially by showing a sincere interest, the children will be forthcoming, surprising and moving.